Mass Excavation


L.A. Hébert: the story of a family business that became an industry leader.

When it was founded in 1966 by Louis-André Hébert, the company had only three employees. At that time, L.A. Hébert offered snow removal services and small excavation projects.

In 1971, with the arrival of Denis Hébert, son of the founder and a civil engineer, the transformation of the company began.  Jean-Luc, another son of the founder, joined the team in 1978.

Gradually, the company added expertise in civil engineering to its initial service offering. The creative vision of the founder allowed the company to evolve with the needs of customers, whether private or public sector.

Many key people joined the team over the years, as it changed from a small family company to an SME, eventually becoming a leading company in its field.

Today L.A. Hébert proudly employs a team of more than 200 employees, inspired by a customer focus which continues to drive the company to new heights.